Ahem (or, Where We’ve Been)

I’ve cracked my knuckles. This won’t be easy. I’ll do some updating.

Adelaide turned two in March. We haven’t done as much hiking as we’d done before. But…

I’ll be creating entries for the following hikes and backpacks we’ve done since my last post. Delayed and abbreviated as they may be, the hikes listed below will become hyperlinks here on Don’t Look Down:

Talapus Lake (dayhike; Adelaide’s first real hike), 09/24/2011
Upper Eagle Lake (solo overnight), 10/07/2011-10/08/2011
Hannegan Pass (2-night backpack w/ friends), 08/10/2012-08/12/2012
Kalalau Trail, Kauai (just a small dayhike along the Napali coast—whatevs), 03/13/2013
Lake 22 (dayhike w/ camping afterward), 07/13/2013

As you can see, not a lot. But it’s not as if we haven’t been doing anything. And I quite enjoyed the above so at the very least I’ll post pictures and impressions.