The Year in Review, 2009 Edition

Two-thousand and ten is here, and twenty-oh-nine is past.  I’m hoping we get out a bunch this coming year, but, for now, a look back at the photos of the past.

1. Twin Falls State Park, 02/04/09.

2. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, 03/21/09.

3. Boulder River, 04/19/09.

4. Thunder Creek, 05/23/09-05/25/09.

5. Big Quilcene to Marmot Pass, 06/06/09-06/07/09.

6. Goat Lake, 06/13/09.

7. Navaho Peak, 06/28/09.

8. The Burroughs, 07/19/09.

9. Blanca Lake, 07/26/09.

10. Gothic Basin, 08/15/09-08/16/09.

11. Cascade Pass, 08/23/09.

12. Lower Ice Lake, 08/27/09-08/29/09.

13. Canadian Rockies Grand Tour, September 2009.

There it is!  Enchantments this year?  Better work on permits, then.  Scrambling and/or glacier travel classes?  Perhaps.

2009 stats: ~175 miles of hiking, ~30000′ or so of elevation gain, and ~1700 undeleted images.


2 Responses to The Year in Review, 2009 Edition

  1. Ingunn says:

    Great collection of photos (and trips!). I went to Blanca for the first time last year and I think it’s going to be one of those places I visit every single year. So beautiful!

    • jeremy says:

      Thanks, Ingunn. This was a pretty lazy post on my part; trying to get excited when we’re in full-on hibernation mode.

      We need to get some experience out in the snow, be it shoeing or skiing. I’m envious of so many of your trips.

      I’d like to get back to Blanca and spend the night.

      I was this close to introducing myself (and Nicole) to you at the calendar social. Too shy, I suppose.

      Looking forward to 2010!

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